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if you use IE, run as fast as you can and grab IE7 January 31, 2006

Posted by Zack W. Handley in Search.

IE7 beta 2 was just released and it is a winner. FAST, Stable, some sort of ‘feed’ discovery button that I am guessing Winer won’t be happy with but may get a few more users to subscribe to RSS feeds. Maybe not.

It also has some really cool Memory usage technology that reduces overall PC Memory usage when minimized. 130 Megs of memory when up, dropped down to less than 15 megs when minimized. I LIKE THAT.

It presents Gmail a *little* incorrectly (probably a MS feature:-)

Otherwise IE7 beta 2 is a Well Overdue Update. Nothing Earth Shattering but waaaaay better that IE6.

I will keep updating over the next few days of use

I will continue using Firefox because of Performancing 1.1 Get it Performancing if you like to blog and you don’t have it! ASAP.

UPDATE 1: The Newsreader(which is in the Favorites area) has some *promise*. Of course there should be some kind of integration between browsing and web page RSS feeds. This is an obvious presentation that kind of reminds of Usenet views in the old Netscape Navigator. It needs to forget feeds after you see them.

 Update 2: OK, Mozilla better get busy. This browser is Very Nice. IE doesn’t choke on java applets anymore. It loads into memory 2-3x faster Firefox 1.5. It has some cool Ajax-y touches like Quick Tabs (which isn’t quick) that window panes your tabbed pages in one window which is pretty cool….I can see maximizing the window, Quick Tabbing it with Video, Email, Meebo running at once. ESpecially with a second monitor. Second cool Ajax-y thing is a page magnifier in the bottom right hand corner which will magnify (or shrink) Everything in the window . Pretty cool if your eyesight is off or you want to look at some pr0n and all you have access to is thumbnails. This browser is growing on me.



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