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Google prepares for Singularity…its Early February 25, 2006

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Google has expanded its print ad test – dubbed Publication Ads – to the tune of 30 new magazines, writes Mediaweek.

As a Singularity enthusiast, I understand where Google is going with this, business models should be focused on 5-10 years in the future…HOWEVER,  are we a little EARLY. There is no EPaper yet. If I look at these mags, I am not going to get the the AdSense magiv ad serving technology. I am probably going to receive look at a 1and1.com advertisement. Not sure Google is owning that attention the same way they do on-line.


Meebo new Release es Muy Bueno February 23, 2006

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I have been using Meebo’s new release and am very happy with it. It allows you to now create a Meebo account which will sign into ALL of your sessions with one ID. One can also simultaneously monitor multiple screenames from the sames service which is helpful for customer support issues. I don’t have to give clients or prospects my primary screenames (which is private) they can simply use my company’s screename. You could even have sales@companya.com, service@companya.com etc on the same page say if someone went to lunch and you needed to cover for them. Maintain your service level very easily.

Great Feature!

The one thing the Meebo crew need to work on is connectivity OR connectivity monitoring. Many times, the connection will drop but I won’t know about it because UI doesn’t alert me even if I am looking at the screen. I typically won’t know about it until I try to send an IM when it then tells me connection has been lost:-(

Needs to Be Fixed!

I still love Meebo and hope they keep inovating.

Google Pages – I.Dont.Get.It February 23, 2006

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I had a little higher hopes for this though I am not sure what I was expecting.
Don’t visit my site:

If a Brrreeeport falls late in the forest…. February 17, 2006

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Will anyone ping it???

coComment – Great Concept, Excellent Implementation February 15, 2006

Posted by Zack W. Handley in General Musings.
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coComment PacManKeep tabs on your Trolling and AnkleBiting! RSS feeds of your comment conversation across sites.  I received an invite  just a few hours after my request  and got it  working in  3 minutes.

RSS & Even cool little PacMan like Mascots. What’s not to like?

Marissa Ann Mayer – Constraint Vital for Creativity February 15, 2006

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Henry Ford once said, “If I’d listened to customers, I’d have given them a faster horse.”

That great quote comes in a Business Week article from Marissa Ann Mayer, Google’s VP of Search Products and User Experience and now every Computer Science nerd’s Bo Derrick (do I date myself?).

Marissa Ann Mayer

Posters are probably being created as I type this from Stanford to MIT to ITI. 😉
Great Article about how constraints are vital to creativity. Read It.

MSN Incentivized Search – Didn’t IWON already try this? SECRET Keywords Included. February 15, 2006

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Looks like MSN is taking the famed IWon.com road to riches!

It is a fine idea and I will definitely try my *luck* now that I know what the keywords are to search. Thanks Oilman!

Tag: VeryUseful February 15, 2006

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A comprehensive list of phone tree codes to get to a human at just about every service in the USA

Via Boing Boing

One Hour the new One Day???? February 11, 2006

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There used to be an old rule of thumb(pre-internet) that said wait ONE DAY after writing before sending an aggressively worded or defensive tone letter/note/memorandum…Of course that advice is impossible to heed in this new instantaneous blog-centric-world.

However there is WISDOM in the concept. Is One Hour the new One Day?

In Certain Circumstances…I think So.

I have a few personal sites with AdSense and I am CERTAINLY not an employee of Google because of this. HELL, My firm is paid hundreds of thousands of dollars facilitating internet advertising much of which is focused on Google buys so in effect, Google is the major reason my company exists and yet I don’t consider them my employer…

Technologist like change. They like competition. They want to believe there is a better way than Outlook/Exchange or even Gmail for that matter. We are –in general- solution oriented.

So next time you (anyone) are going to fire off a (potentially misguided) rant that will be archived FOREVER, Hit and wait a Day or at least One Hour before you hit . I know I will.

Google’s Gmail gives MSFT Heartburn…TUMS won’t help February 11, 2006

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Gmail & Gtalk I have been reading some dismissive remarks on Blogs about this new Gmail for Enterprise Email Service…Mostly these center around the flat hierachical file system, no calendaring and privacy issues.
I think super technical folks miss the point when they say that GMail is Outlook lite and will never make it into the Enterprise. I have worked for and consulted for some of the largest (IBM) and most advanced (MSFT) tech companies in the world and 99.99% of the users do not need (nor use) anything more than a “flat hierarchial e-mail service”.
Calendaring is coming to GMail and I am sure it will be a lot different (and flexible think:adhoc Groups) than what is currently available (or even coming in Outlook 12 because of Server Licensing revenues) to Exchange based users…

Gtalk is getting implemented now.

How hard is it going to be to build a CRM, SFA, what-have-ya system on this “Platform”???

Not Very.

MSFT is not doomed by any means, but profit margins are abuot to Shrink in the SoHo Space

As Far as Business Privacy Goes…um, I don’t think there is such a thing.

I received GTalk provisioned inside of GMail Yesterday. February 11, 2006

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I like the concept and of course that is the natural progression. I think MS has been working on something like this for years to be available in the next Outlook. Ahhh, Gotta Hate it when you are competing against a company that doesn’t have to sell Exchange Servers and can release BETA products without diluting the brand, yet.

UPDATE:Even More Bad News For Exchange Server Small Business Group

Anywho, The GTalk (inside of Gmail) service was up sporadically and seems to be IE ONLY at this point!!!! Arghhh….Also I don’t know that many people that use Gtalk yet, most folks use MSN (living in the Pacific Northwest and all) & AIM (Primarily East Coasters and Californians) They must be watching me ….As soon as I finished that sentence, GTalk appeared in my FireFox Gmail window.

Weird. Cool!

….But I think I may uninstall that Desktop3….

“Glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever.” – Napoleon Bonaparte February 10, 2006

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Make Your Mark, no one is going to do it for you.

Z’low Boat to China err the Phillipines (Zillow update, update & no mas) February 9, 2006

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I was watching CNBC ’round 12:30 Pacific and one of the guests (didn’t catch his name) said Zillow sends tax assesment data (by boat no less – his words) to the Phillipines to be hand entered into a database which is then used by the site. (no snarky comment neccessary)

Anywho the other guest, a monied Palm Beach realtor, proceeded to tell of the faults in every house she has represented lately.

Truly, has ANYONE out there found correct and updated data about their neighborhood? My ZESTIMATE is 15% below prices of actual sales just 3 months ago.

Zillow (Update to Not Making any Friends with these numbers) February 8, 2006

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I just did a few more comparisons and it *appears* that they are using a calculation tied to the (or actual) tax assessments which as we all know (and are very happy about) chronically lag the actual market values.

I doubt that is the case as $32 Million and some very smart guys probably have some super algo that simply isn’t quite optimized yet….right?????

Paul Kedrosky calls it porn for middle aged people.

Zillow = Not making any friends with these numbers February 8, 2006

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Zillow beta launched today with the typical Oops! Our Site is Down that happens when high profile launch intersects with Housing Bubble Mania. I was able to access the site for a while and Boy Howdee! Zillow is not gonna be making any friends with Valuation numbers like these! No sireee!

I am not sure how the ‘valuations’ are arrived (because the site is down) but I will tell you some folks I know just sold their houses for 10-15% more than these numbers would suggest is the *right* price, whatever that means.

Cool Idea and I will continue my ‘research’ when the site comes back up but from my 3 initial searches I would conclude the data ain’t quite there yet.