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One Hour the new One Day???? February 11, 2006

Posted by Zack W. Handley in General Musings, Google, Web 2.0.

There used to be an old rule of thumb(pre-internet) that said wait ONE DAY after writing before sending an aggressively worded or defensive tone letter/note/memorandum…Of course that advice is impossible to heed in this new instantaneous blog-centric-world.

However there is WISDOM in the concept. Is One Hour the new One Day?

In Certain Circumstances…I think So.

I have a few personal sites with AdSense and I am CERTAINLY not an employee of Google because of this. HELL, My firm is paid hundreds of thousands of dollars facilitating internet advertising much of which is focused on Google buys so in effect, Google is the major reason my company exists and yet I don’t consider them my employer…

Technologist like change. They like competition. They want to believe there is a better way than Outlook/Exchange or even Gmail for that matter. We are –in general- solution oriented.

So next time you (anyone) are going to fire off a (potentially misguided) rant that will be archived FOREVER, Hit and wait a Day or at least One Hour before you hit . I know I will.



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