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Meebo new Release es Muy Bueno February 23, 2006

Posted by Zack W. Handley in Best Stuff, General Musings, VeryUseful, Web 2.0.

I have been using Meebo’s new release and am very happy with it. It allows you to now create a Meebo account which will sign into ALL of your sessions with one ID. One can also simultaneously monitor multiple screenames from the sames service which is helpful for customer support issues. I don’t have to give clients or prospects my primary screenames (which is private) they can simply use my company’s screename. You could even have sales@companya.com, service@companya.com etc on the same page say if someone went to lunch and you needed to cover for them. Maintain your service level very easily.

Great Feature!

The one thing the Meebo crew need to work on is connectivity OR connectivity monitoring. Many times, the connection will drop but I won’t know about it because UI doesn’t alert me even if I am looking at the screen. I typically won’t know about it until I try to send an IM when it then tells me connection has been lost:-(

Needs to Be Fixed!

I still love Meebo and hope they keep inovating.



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