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Riya….Definitely Run on an idle PC or at night March 24, 2006

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I guess I didn’t read the instructions (what’s new) but the Riya uploader distributes much of the photo processing to the user PC (which makes sense economically). For the first two days I was running it on an idle PC with Outlook, Google Desktop, Firefox, AntiVirus…basically all kinds of crap.

WELL, this AM, I powered down all processes except Riya and it is uploading twice as fast. This is a 2.5 yo machine (1.99 GHz Athlon) and we are now uploading 200 5-7MegaPix pics per hour up from 100 before I cleared the system tray.


Just received my Riya Beta Access.. March 21, 2006

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Riya requests 1000 photos for the face scanning / tagging magic to work…I will give it 5000…just to see what happens:-)

Will post tomorrow all about the experience…..

riya photo upload

Update: 10 hours and 26 minutes Riya uploaded my first 1000 pictures from the year 2000. Now Time to Play while 2001 load..It was our wedding in Hawaii so I am guessing there are quite a few more than 1000 pic….More to come…..

CL2: Arghhh, Another Google Product I am gonna HAVE to use!!! March 7, 2006

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Why are they doing exactly what needs to be done with Calendaring????

CL2 is closely, very closely, integrated with Gmail. It includes
now-standard web 2.0 features – Ajax, subscription feeds for
integration with iCal and other desktop calendars, event creation,
search, sharing, notifications (including SMS) and more.

It’s also clear from the event creation functionality that Google is
is going to attempt to aggregate events like eventful and zvents do
now. If they combine their event creation feature with a web crawl and
parsing of event data (exactly what zvents does), they will be able to
create a very large events database. From the CL2 Trusted Tester

More Importantly, why is MSFT & Yahoo not???
Sure there are many start ups out there like Airset, zvents,  30 Boxes many many more….but why use a calendaring apps without email integration? Makes No Sense.

This will be THE tool that gets everyone in my family on Gmail…buh bye Outlook and Hotmail, & Yahoo. The functionality combined with Gmail integration is too much to resist.

Update: Paul Kedrosky says March 15th Release

Patrick Byrne Interview on News.com March 7, 2006

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Patrick Byrne maybe not so crazy!

I hope some of the actions –by the authorities- that he speaks of come to light soon. The sooner the better for his health and the Overstock shareholders. I am not one for (believing in, I love to hear them) conspiracies and Patrick distances him from that realm. Which is good. He talks more about methodologies, that should be illegal and that are not.

Update: Recently Cramer and Greenberg started talking conspiracies….

Folks: When two of the most watched and listened to financial reporters talk about conspiracies:

Stop The Presses: Long Hair Equates Bush to Hitler! March 6, 2006

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A HIGH-SCHOOL geography teacher in Colorado has been put on leave after
a 16-year-old pupil recorded him comparing George Bush to Hitler.

Sean Allen, 16, who attends a suburban high school outside Denver,
has made headlines across the country by recording the teacher
lambasting President Bush.

“Sounds a lot like the things that Adolf Hitler used to say,”
Jay Bennish told his class. “We’re the only ones who are right,
everyone else is backward and our job is to conquer the world.”

Mr. Bennish called the US “probably the single most violent nation on
Earth”, saying that it had committed more than 7,000 “terrorist
sabotage acts” against Cuba. But he told pupils that they were free to
disagree with him.

Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t want this guy teaching anything to my children except reading out of a district supplied text book and syllabus.

Update: I say “long hair” in a playful curmudeonly way…I am just jealous cuz that look is so right now;-)

Has a Company Ever So Well Documented Ever Challenged an Industry So Aggressively March 3, 2006

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And Won? Is this the right strategy? Frontal Assault?

GM challenged Ford (with colors) and created the largest company in the world.

Schwab created the discount brokerage and is still a huge name in the industry.

Microsoft targeted Desktop Software, and Server Software and did very well but much of it owing to the OS monopoly that allow “noneconomic returns” as Gates used to call them

Dell targeted PC sales and was very successful for a long time.

Expedia, Travelocity, and others took on the Travel Agents and have created great businesses.

Does Google think that its technology is so superior, it can be this brash? Obviously. I somehow doubt it will be this easy.

Remember, most of the smart people don’t work for you….even if you are Google.

OfficeLive…Free Domain! March 2, 2006

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I got my golden ticket (don’t wanna hear that term anymore) today for OfficeLive . I have been wrestling with the Image Picker for the past 10 minutes on the web editor. It doesn’t seem to want to read my hard drive for an image….

Other than that, it is a basic Corporate Presence, kinda like you get at say any ISP.

OfficeLive Email is…..well……er…..picture might be better….



In Synopsis: OfficeLive is a nice Domain Registrar that gives you a free domain, and the ability to buy software from MSFT.

Google Analysts Day! No Guidance Given March 2, 2006

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Google Analysts day took place today to a packed house of Wall Street Analysts wondering ” How the heck are these guys so much richer than me?” Computer Science? Doh!

In a nutshell: Advertising has been veddy veddy good to us and this should continue.

“Is Madison Avenue about to get Googled?” March 1, 2006

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The leader of a new group within Publicis says no.

Rishad Tobaccowala a top executive in the media-buying division of Publicis,says in a eat my words quote:

“I think Google has overextended, like Napoleon opening up a Russian
front,” he said last week in an interview in London. “I think they are
a very amazing company that will take over nothing.”

I think Rishad and his ilk are about to see Google (or yahoo or MSN or ReachWest) take something from them they didn’t even know was up for grabs…..can’t even imagine…Marketing and Ecomm group managers in top corporations are sooo much more sophisticated than these firm give them credit.

They don’t need to be hand held.

They don’t need the floor to ceiling ocean views

They don’t need the cynicism and holier than thou attitude…

They don’t need the mark ups…

They NEED CRYSTAL CLEAR ROI ….new media firms are giving that to them…. Buh bye, Rishad.

Pandora – Fall in Love with Music Again March 1, 2006

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Don’t think your friends already know about Pandora…They Dont. And they should. Every time I refer someone there, they always say neat, thats cool and I just created a _add song or band___ radio station.

Does it aways get it right. Nope. Bust Good Enough and no commercials….

OSTK = is this guy for Real??? Maybe March 1, 2006

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Patrick Byrne - CEO of OSTKPatrick Byrne, This guy is the CEO of a company that has (stock price) been going down for years, he has been fighting some of the largest short selling hedge funds (Rocker Partners) in the world for the past year and is now extending the consipracy to CNBC….Well I don’t know how much credence I can put in these theories


Gradient has been taken to task by former analysts/writers for pressure to write very negative column about specific equities these former employees say were current shorts of Rocker Partners.  These employees have testified under oath.

Rocker Partners, not exactly a posterchild for great, giving, charitable organiztion. They are a professional short selling fund, folks!

And now some of the most respected folks (Greenberg, Cramer) in Financial Reporting have now been served by the SEC. This guy could be a blowhard, or could be exhibiting a death-rattle that takes out all around him. I doubt Greenberg and Cramer are involved however, Cramer is a founder of the Street (Big Rocker Partners investment) and Greenberg used to write there.

Here is the wierd thing in my eyes…Follow Me: Now Cramer & Greenberg have resorted to discrediting Byrne instead of distancing themselves from Rocker and Gradient…That spells trouble.

EdgeIO, BlogBuy …edge aggregators dime a dozen March 1, 2006

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I have long held that Edge Aggregators (edgeio ,inods,kritx) Have an interesting yet indefensible position in the ecomm-bloguverse. Many folks could not sit in the sidelines and wait for the right time so these companies have finally decided to dive in and launch….

UNfortunately for them there is always one BIG question: Who am I selling to, what is their REPUTATION.????

OH Wait, Who owns reputation? Ebay. As soon as this matters(which i don’t think will be soon), Ebay/PayPal will be in with a whole suite of services/products.

….These companies will have blown through their Series A & B educating folks on the tag: listing…(just writing that sentence makes me really realize how indefensible this market is! WOW!)

Because Ebay Owns reputation.

update: Nicholas Carr adds a funny line about a brothel and web2.0..very funny and cynical.