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OSTK = is this guy for Real??? Maybe March 1, 2006

Posted by Zack W. Handley in General Musings.

Patrick Byrne - CEO of OSTKPatrick Byrne, This guy is the CEO of a company that has (stock price) been going down for years, he has been fighting some of the largest short selling hedge funds (Rocker Partners) in the world for the past year and is now extending the consipracy to CNBC….Well I don’t know how much credence I can put in these theories


Gradient has been taken to task by former analysts/writers for pressure to write very negative column about specific equities these former employees say were current shorts of Rocker Partners.  These employees have testified under oath.

Rocker Partners, not exactly a posterchild for great, giving, charitable organiztion. They are a professional short selling fund, folks!

And now some of the most respected folks (Greenberg, Cramer) in Financial Reporting have now been served by the SEC. This guy could be a blowhard, or could be exhibiting a death-rattle that takes out all around him. I doubt Greenberg and Cramer are involved however, Cramer is a founder of the Street (Big Rocker Partners investment) and Greenberg used to write there.

Here is the wierd thing in my eyes…Follow Me: Now Cramer & Greenberg have resorted to discrediting Byrne instead of distancing themselves from Rocker and Gradient…That spells trouble.



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