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Michael Grebb: Isn’t buying Net Neutrality May 31, 2006

Posted by Zack W. Handley in freemarket, netneutrality, Politics.
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In Wired,

Michael Grebb lays out a balanced explanation of why there is not Net Neutrality currently and why it’s probably not that good of an idea.


Bram Cohen talks net neutraility – OSS success yet against NetNeutrality? Egads! May 29, 2006

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The BBC has a great article with Bram Cohen, the inventor of BitTorrent. Bram knows what he is talking bout unlike some others.

Poor Poor Vonage Investors May 26, 2006

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I will never gloat about investors losing money because it is so emotionally painful however, word to the wise: Good IPOs are hard to get into. If a company ever offers an IPO to all its customers….RUN.

House Panel votes for Net Neutrality…kinda May 26, 2006

Posted by Zack W. Handley in freemarket, General Musings, netneutrality, Politics.
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CNet reports:

In an unusual twist, many members of the committee said they were
voting for the legislation not because of strong concerns over Net
neutrality–but instead because of a turf battle. They said they were
worried that a competing proposal already approved by a different committee last month would diminish their own
influence in the future.

That other bill, called the Communications Opportunity, Promotion and
Enhancement, or COPE, Act, says the Federal Communications Commission "shall have
exclusive authority" to investigate violations of Net neutrality
principles. It's backed by Rep. Joe Barton, a Texas Republican who heads
the House Energy and Commerce Committee, and does not include strict Net
neutrality mandates.

Because the FCC is overseen by Barton's committee, that proposal would
effectively cut off Judiciary Committee members from being able to hold
hearings on Net neutrality antitrust violations, give speeches about
corporate malfeasance and solicit campaign cash from affected companies–the lifeblood of modern Washington politics.

If you are not cynical about politics yet…kindly reconsider.

Mike McCurry Vs. Craig Newmark on net neutrality May 24, 2006

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My Thoughts: LIfe is not fair. Let the market work it out.

You Decide

Rich Rich Vonage (was: poor poor Vonage) May 24, 2006

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GoodMorningSiliconValley Reports the Vonage IPO is over subscribed…

But more likely it’s speculators hoping the company will end up being
acquired by a telecom or cable outfit after its IPO.  “I think that’s
the reasonable exit strategy, ” American Technology Research analyst
Albert Lin told Reuters. “Even after the IPO, it will be a considerably
small company.”

Gooooood Luck!

Will Net Neutrality incent ISPs to Increase Access Speeds May 22, 2006

Posted by Zack W. Handley in freemarket, General Musings, Google, Microsoft, netneutrality, Politics.
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Like my ISP just did???? Will ISPs increase speed out of kindness of their hearts?

NO, they will do it because the market *makes* them do it.

I am paying for 1.5Mbs people, and this is my current reading.

dslreports.com speed test result on 2006-05-22 19:01:35 EST:
4932 / 7046
Your download speed : 4932 kbps or 616.5 KB/sec.
Your upload speed is much faster than down.. have you tweaked?Your upload speed : 7046 kbps or 880.7 KB/sec.PS: Welcome to dslreports.com! Run more tests! see forums

I Wonder How John Stossel feels Net Neutrality? May 22, 2006

Posted by Zack W. Handley in Best Stuff, Enough Already, Google, Microsoft, netneutrality, Web 2.0, Words to Live By.

"I started out by viewing the marketplace as a
cruel place, where you need intervention by government and lawyers to
protect people. But after watching the regulators work, I have come to
believe that markets are magical and the best protectors of the
consumer. It is my job to explain the beauties of the free market."

ABC News correspondent John Stossel (Oregonian, 10/26/94)


Does Google Really Have Everyone Else on the Ropes? May 20, 2006

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Not quite.

Google, Yahoo! and MSN: Property Size-up

By popular demand, I’ve gone through several Hitwise categories to
compile the table below that shows where Google, Yahoo! and MSN
properties stack up in their respective categories. The percentages
represented in the right hand column are the percentages of visits in
respect to visits to that category.

portal properties table 2.PNG

If Google is really showing this poorly outside of everything except search….why do they FEEL like they are winning so BigTime?

Net Neutrality, Not American May 20, 2006

Posted by Zack W. Handley in freemarket, General Musings, Genuis, Google, Microsoft, netneutrality, Search, Web 2.0.

When Tim Berners-Lee started off with a French net neutrality example I knew his essay was in jeopardy. As the inventor of the internet (Sorry Gore) and working for Google, he definitely has a horse in this race however Net Neutrality is simply Not Free Market, Not Market Based and Not American.

If I make an investment in the future, take a risk, deploy capital, and build something better I should be able to charge a market rate for that product. RBOCs are not a great poster child for this debate because they were derived from a government created monopoly.

That was then, this is now.

If Comcast or SBC wants to charge Google, Yahoo or MSN more for streaming video or whathaveya they should be able to. Consumers will be able to switch providers if their current provider is too slow rendering their favorite sites.

The Market will Take Care of This.

Notice how quiet the big web — networking vendors are of course totally against any sort of net neutrality- companies have been regarding this. They don't want net neutrality because they think it will lock out start ups (thus keeping them at the top) and it could. However I think the SBCs of the world are more interested in Google, Yahoo and MSN at this point.

Life is not fair.

It never will be. However, consumers will have choices on their service provider and that should keep the Backbone companies honest. We will see. Socializing bandwidth will never be the answer. It doesn't promote innovation, and innovation is why we have the internet.

Say what you will about Cosby, he is a funny Guy! May 16, 2006

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Bill Cosby – “A word to the wise ain’t necessary – it’s the stupid ones that need the advice.”

Long Tail – Proof Positive May 16, 2006

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A recent study by Roger Magoulas and Ben Lorica of O’Reilly Research
provided strong data to support the assertion that online access drives
usage of content that is generally not available in print. We compared
sales reported through Nielsen Bookscan for the fourth quarter of 2005 with access logs from both O’Reilly’s Safari Books Online service and from Google Book Search. The result provides compelling support for Chris Anderson’s “long tail” theory.

Read the Whole thing…

Now how do we stop thinking about dumb Ajax-y websites and really take advantage of this????

Poor Poor Vonage IPO May 15, 2006

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SkypeOut Now Free in U.S. Canada

Somebody over at Vonage must’ve made Meg angry. Very Angry.

update: Om Expands on the story…a tad more useful than Zack’s snark

Record Oil Prices!?! Not Really. May 4, 2006

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As Ron Bailey writes:

With some headlines blaring about "record oil prices," a bit of perspective is in order.  It is true that in nominal dollars, the price of crude oil has never been higher.  However, in inflation-adjusted terms, the picture looks somewhat different.  It turns out that the price for a barrel of oil peaked at about $98 in December 1979.

Still oil prices have tripled in the past four years, but the economy nevertheless chugs along.

[T]he price of oil would need to double from today's $70 per barrel to have the same impact on the U.S. and world economy that prices had during the 1970s oil crisis.

Better start saving for a bigger hard drive May 4, 2006

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10 Gigapixel photos are probably gonna fill up the one I have pretty quick

Microsoft adCenter – Hmmm chicken or egg? May 4, 2006

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Gates crackin a good one

All that's missing is pageviews….

A Few Good Expenses : sales humour May 1, 2006

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[Instructions: Make sure you read it in character. (Jack Nicholson as VP Sales and Tom Cruise as VP Finance in "A Few Good Men").]

Sales Guy: "You want answers?"

Finance Guy: "I think we are entitled to them!"

Sales Guy: "You want answers?!"

Finance Guy: "I want the truth!"

Sales Guy: "You can't handle the truth!!!" (continuing): "Son, we live in a world that requires revenue. And that revenue must be brought in by people with elite skills. Who's going to find it? You? You, Mr. Finance? We have a greater responsibility than you can possibly fathom. You scoff at sales divisions and you curse our lucrative incentives. You have that luxury. You have the luxury of not knowing what we know: that while the cost of business results are excessive, it brings in revenue. And my very existence, while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, drives REVENUE! You don't want to know the truth because deep down in places you don't talk about at staff meetings … you want me on that call. You NEED me on that call!

We use words like Volume Rebates, Co-op , discounts, buy backs, cost adjustments, purchase agreements. We use these words as the backbone of a life spent negotiating something. You use them as a punch line! I have neither the time nor inclination to explain myself to people who rise and sleep under the very blanket of revenue I provide and then question the manner in which I provide it. I would rather you just said "thank you" and went on your way. Otherwise I suggest you pick up a phone and make some sales calls. Either way, I don't give a damn what you think you're entitled to!"

Finance Guy: "Did you expense the lap dances?"

Sales Guy: "I did the job I was hired to do."

Finance Guy: "Did you expense the lap dances?"

Sales Guy: "You're goddamn right I did!"

via the prolific Paul K at Infectious Greed