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Net Neutrality, Not American May 20, 2006

Posted by Zack W. Handley in freemarket, General Musings, Genuis, Google, Microsoft, netneutrality, Search, Web 2.0.

When Tim Berners-Lee started off with a French net neutrality example I knew his essay was in jeopardy. As the inventor of the internet (Sorry Gore) and working for Google, he definitely has a horse in this race however Net Neutrality is simply Not Free Market, Not Market Based and Not American.

If I make an investment in the future, take a risk, deploy capital, and build something better I should be able to charge a market rate for that product. RBOCs are not a great poster child for this debate because they were derived from a government created monopoly.

That was then, this is now.

If Comcast or SBC wants to charge Google, Yahoo or MSN more for streaming video or whathaveya they should be able to. Consumers will be able to switch providers if their current provider is too slow rendering their favorite sites.

The Market will Take Care of This.

Notice how quiet the big web — networking vendors are of course totally against any sort of net neutrality- companies have been regarding this. They don't want net neutrality because they think it will lock out start ups (thus keeping them at the top) and it could. However I think the SBCs of the world are more interested in Google, Yahoo and MSN at this point.

Life is not fair.

It never will be. However, consumers will have choices on their service provider and that should keep the Backbone companies honest. We will see. Socializing bandwidth will never be the answer. It doesn't promote innovation, and innovation is why we have the internet.



1. Luv2Box - May 25, 2006

Very well put together posting. I for one cannot believe this issue has gone as far as it has! The very idea of NN is simply absurd! It really is a shame we can’t get government to pour money into the Net to improve technology and innovation, but then again, that wouldn’t be our government, now would it?

2. Net Chick - May 26, 2006

Why shouldnt Google have to pay for travelling in the fast lane. Dont think for one minute consumers wouldnt have to pay! It would make no sense for companies like Verizon to do as Google claims: put a gag on Google searching. How long do you think Verizon would stay in business if they tried that?

3. SoCal619 - May 27, 2006

This issue should ultimately be pretty cut and dry…there’s NO need for government involvement at this point, not even to improve technology or innovation (sorry Luv2Box!), because I think as soon as that door gets opened even slightly, it’ll be Pandora’s Box all over again. Not trying to be all “anti-government” here, but this is a market issue, between consumers and providers. Keep the FCC and Alyssa Milano out of our way!

4. Salubrious - May 29, 2006

Wow, a five paragraph post and you still managed to hit the French, Al Gore, unAmerican activities and socialism. But you’re right on about Net Neutrality. This is a market issue, and doesn’t call for regulation at this time. And it will DEFINITELY stifle innovation, and that’s the last thing we need right now. Good post – can’t argue with any of that!

5. Stevens33 - May 30, 2006

People should pay to use better services and products. That’s just simple business. Why should it be any different when it comes to the internet?

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