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$5 Dollar Linksys WiFi Routers…for a price June 26, 2006

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I just signed up with FON.com and got a $5 Linksys WiFi Router. Now I can blanket my lot in Wifi;-)


Kurzweil Chat in WaPo June 20, 2006

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If you haven’t read Singularity is Near, you should. The future is very different much closer than many think.

Ray chats with the public about a few topics in the book here

Rational Thoughts on Network Neutrality – Que? June 19, 2006

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I Missed this last week: TechDirt Reports on “Rational Thoughts On Network Neutrality”

Former telco exec Tom Evslin writes out a nice balanced article that highlights the real issues (the lack of competition)
while also noting why network neutrality is necessary — and why trying
to legislate network neutrality is difficult to impossible and could
backfire as well. He, like us at Techdirt, feels that there’s too many
lies on both sides of this debate — and its obscuring the real issues.

The REAL issue is Competition. And though it goes against my libertarian leanings to appeal for government manadated ‘competition’. they got us into this mess, so they should get us out and more stifling regulation (read: NetNeutrality) is fruther in the wrong direction and anti-competition.

World’s Smallest Political Quiz June 17, 2006

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As I have known all along…I am a Libertarian., What are you?



political description that
fits you best is…



maximum liberty in both personal and

matters. They advocate a much smaller government; one

is limited to protecting individuals from coercion and violence.

tend to embrace individual responsibility, oppose

bureaucracy and taxes, promote private charity, tolerate

lifestyles, support the free market, and defend civil liberties.

on the Chart shows where you fit on the political map.

Your PERSONAL issues
Score is 70%.
Your ECONOMIC issues Score
is 70%.
(Please note: Scores falling on the Centrist border
are counted as Centrist.)

What’s good for the Google, is Good for the… June 15, 2006

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Google prefers prioritized packets

Google, one of the lead proponents of net neutrality legislation, seems to like the idea of preferred networks…for a fee of course:

I am thinking about writing a book about this topic June 10, 2006

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I don’t think people clearly understand how extensively their online life is being documented, analyzed and used against (or for prefereably) them.

Farecast…a more scientific way to plan travel June 7, 2006

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I got a private beta invite to Farecast this evening and I really liked it…(business wise) I am guessing they  are looking for Expedia or Orbitz or Yahoo to buy them…

The technology is sound. My wife and I live in Seattle but both our families live in the Midwest or the South. Farecast provides a cool and easy way to see what the ticket price history has been for a given time between to airports for a set time.

I did  a late summer query for Detroit MI and found that if I waited a couple weeks to book there was a 65% chance prices would fall around 15 bucks…For me, not a big deal but you can see that college students or seniors or big families or ANYONE without calendar restrictions could get great value out of this…while writing this post I can envision tons of monetization angles…so I am sure they will do great.


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Sergey Brin goes to DC and has audience with 4 Senators regarding (per reports) Net Neutrality. There is mention that Sergey can not meet with as many Congressmen as he would prefer…We chalk that up to newness with DC .. BUT THEN:

Now comes  this news from the AP: “Brin says Google compromised principles.”

From the story:

Google Inc. co-founder Sergey Brin acknowledged Tuesday the
dominant Internet company has compromised its principles by
accommodating Chinese censorship demands. He said Google is wrestling
to make the deal work before deciding whether to reverse course.

Meeting with reporters near Capitol Hill, Brin said Google had
agreed to the censorship demands only after Chinese authorities blocked
its service in that country.

…Google’s China-approved Web service omits politically sensitive
information that might be retrieved during Internet searches, such as
details about the 1989 suppression of political unrest in Tiananmen
Square. Its agreement with China has provoked considerable criticism
from human rights groups.

“Perhaps now the principled approach makes more sense,” Brin
said….Brin said Google is trying to improve its censored search
service, Google.cn, before deciding whether to reverse course. He said
virtually all the company’s customers in China use the non-censored

“It’s perfectly reasonable to do something different, to say,
‘Look, we’re going to stand by the principle against censorship and we
won’t actually operate there.’ That’s an alternate path,” Brin said.
“It’s not where we chose to go right now, but I can sort of see how
people came to different conclusions about doing the right thing.”

What Happened in Washington DC? This is a major statement from one of the most powerful Executives in the world about a VERY contentious policy his company has implemented.

I have been reading Scott Adams’ Blog Recently June 5, 2006

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Really Good philosophical, cynical, contrarian writing. Not about Dilbert the cartoon but called the Dilbert.Blog nonetheless.

Check it Out.