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Where is the NYT Op Ed Now Craig? July 15, 2006

Posted by Zack W. Handley in Enough Already, freemarket, netneutrality, Politics.
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Craigslist silently fixes their end in the Cox fiasco

Posted by George Ou @ 4:16 pm

For months, Craigslist had been held up as the poster child
for what can happen in a world without Net Neutrality.  That poster
child status expired last month when we found out what really happened was a simple technical glitch in a personal firewall from Authentium that Cox offered its customers.  The story that started it all
which accused Cox Communications of deliberately blocking Craigslist to
bolster their own classified has since been corrected yet the original
conspiracy theory had long enough legs to reach the US Senate.

Isn’t telling the truth that the whole Cox problem was Craigslist’s fault “good for the community” ?? 

I guess the sky is falling yet again.