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The Band Rolls On….More Naked Short Stories April 24, 2006

Posted by Zack W. Handley in General Musings, short selling.
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Masterminding a firm's demise?

SEC wants to know if backers made money by trying to kill it.


Byrne vs Rocker – Financial Celebrity Death Match April 23, 2006

Posted by Zack W. Handley in short selling.
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Posts about the Overstock, Cramer, Rocker, SAC, Cohen, Gradient,
Camelback, Byrne, Greenberg, Naked Short Selling, Research Collusion,
Conspiracy get more search engine redirects than anything else –other
than Marissa Ann Mayer- on my blog….So I am giving the public what
they want.

Byrne’s War

Overstock.com’s Patrick Byrne is On a Self-imposed Mission to Save Main Street from Wall Street

Nice Piece by a local UTAH tech website. Fairly balanced. Patrick Byrne seems like an exceptional person and I hope he is vindicated for everything he has endured. If this is truly a fight for the little guy, he seems to be a worthy warrior. If not, well he has gone off the deep end;-)

Rocker’s Passion for Shorting
It’s tough being a market moralist, as the battle with Overstock shows

One of the puffiest puff pieces about a controversial figure I have seen. Any negativity is treated with one sentence write offs or dismissed without explanation. Rocker has a great many supporters and seems to be (outside of his day job) a very civicly minded individual. I hope he isn’t guilty of collusion but with friends like Gradient/Camelback??? When you lie with Dogs….

Patrick Byrne Interview on News.com March 7, 2006

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Patrick Byrne maybe not so crazy!

I hope some of the actions –by the authorities- that he speaks of come to light soon. The sooner the better for his health and the Overstock shareholders. I am not one for (believing in, I love to hear them) conspiracies and Patrick distances him from that realm. Which is good. He talks more about methodologies, that should be illegal and that are not.

Update: Recently Cramer and Greenberg started talking conspiracies….

Folks: When two of the most watched and listened to financial reporters talk about conspiracies: