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Kurzweil Chat in WaPo June 20, 2006

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If you haven’t read Singularity is Near, you should. The future is very different much closer than many think.

Ray chats with the public about a few topics in the book here


See out of the back of your head with your tongue? April 24, 2006

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Google prepares for Singularity…its Early February 25, 2006

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Google has expanded its print ad test – dubbed Publication Ads – to the tune of 30 new magazines, writes Mediaweek.

As a Singularity enthusiast, I understand where Google is going with this, business models should be focused on 5-10 years in the future…HOWEVER,  are we a little EARLY. There is no EPaper yet. If I look at these mags, I am not going to get the the AdSense magiv ad serving technology. I am probably going to receive look at a 1and1.com advertisement. Not sure Google is owning that attention the same way they do on-line.