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Is that a taser in your pocket…. August 2, 2006

Posted by Zack W. Handley in Web 2.0.
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TechCrunch scarily reports:

Craigslist + footballer with a

taser = PR disaster

Marshall Kirkpatrick


Ellis T. Jones III, a 20 year old former football player, has been arrested in San Jose, California for allegedly using Craigslist to lure potential buyers and sellers of electronic equipment to places where he could stun them with a taser and rob them.

This is just the kind of thing that could spell trouble for online
services seeking to bring people together in the meatspace (real life).
Jones is charged with 13 felonies over 4 robberies in June. Craigslist
says it’s a rare occurrence, and while that’s undoubtedly true – isn’t
this exactly the kind of story that makes people apprehensive about meeting strangers based on online communication? According to the San Jose Mercury News story on the Jones arrest – there are at least two other people who have been arrested lately for similar but unrelated crimes.

Score another point for online systems based on reputation management and shipping purchased items in the mail. See our coverage of Rapleaf, for example.


$5 Dollar Linksys WiFi Routers…for a price (but not much of one) July 5, 2006

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I just signed up with FON.com and got a $5 Linksys WiFi Router. Now I can blanket my lot in Wifi;-)

Update: I just received my FON social router and am officially a Fonero….and now my piece of paradise is blanketed in 54mb WiFi Love!!!

Rating: Highly Worthwhile

$5 Dollar Linksys WiFi Routers…for a price June 26, 2006

Posted by Zack W. Handley in Best Stuff, freemarket, Neato, netneutrality, VeryUseful, Web 2.0.
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I just signed up with FON.com and got a $5 Linksys WiFi Router. Now I can blanket my lot in Wifi;-)

Farecast…a more scientific way to plan travel June 7, 2006

Posted by Zack W. Handley in Neato, VeryUseful, Web 2.0.
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I got a private beta invite to Farecast this evening and I really liked it…(business wise) I am guessing they  are looking for Expedia or Orbitz or Yahoo to buy them…

The technology is sound. My wife and I live in Seattle but both our families live in the Midwest or the South. Farecast provides a cool and easy way to see what the ticket price history has been for a given time between to airports for a set time.

I did  a late summer query for Detroit MI and found that if I waited a couple weeks to book there was a 65% chance prices would fall around 15 bucks…For me, not a big deal but you can see that college students or seniors or big families or ANYONE without calendar restrictions could get great value out of this…while writing this post I can envision tons of monetization angles…so I am sure they will do great.

Bram Cohen talks net neutraility – OSS success yet against NetNeutrality? Egads! May 29, 2006

Posted by Zack W. Handley in freemarket, netneutrality, Politics, Web 2.0.
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The BBC has a great article with Bram Cohen, the inventor of BitTorrent. Bram knows what he is talking bout unlike some others.

I Wonder How John Stossel feels Net Neutrality? May 22, 2006

Posted by Zack W. Handley in Best Stuff, Enough Already, Google, Microsoft, netneutrality, Web 2.0, Words to Live By.

"I started out by viewing the marketplace as a
cruel place, where you need intervention by government and lawyers to
protect people. But after watching the regulators work, I have come to
believe that markets are magical and the best protectors of the
consumer. It is my job to explain the beauties of the free market."

ABC News correspondent John Stossel (Oregonian, 10/26/94)


Does Google Really Have Everyone Else on the Ropes? May 20, 2006

Posted by Zack W. Handley in Best Stuff, Google, Microsoft, Web 2.0.
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Not quite.

Google, Yahoo! and MSN: Property Size-up

By popular demand, I’ve gone through several Hitwise categories to
compile the table below that shows where Google, Yahoo! and MSN
properties stack up in their respective categories. The percentages
represented in the right hand column are the percentages of visits in
respect to visits to that category.

portal properties table 2.PNG

If Google is really showing this poorly outside of everything except search….why do they FEEL like they are winning so BigTime?

Net Neutrality, Not American May 20, 2006

Posted by Zack W. Handley in freemarket, General Musings, Genuis, Google, Microsoft, netneutrality, Search, Web 2.0.

When Tim Berners-Lee started off with a French net neutrality example I knew his essay was in jeopardy. As the inventor of the internet (Sorry Gore) and working for Google, he definitely has a horse in this race however Net Neutrality is simply Not Free Market, Not Market Based and Not American.

If I make an investment in the future, take a risk, deploy capital, and build something better I should be able to charge a market rate for that product. RBOCs are not a great poster child for this debate because they were derived from a government created monopoly.

That was then, this is now.

If Comcast or SBC wants to charge Google, Yahoo or MSN more for streaming video or whathaveya they should be able to. Consumers will be able to switch providers if their current provider is too slow rendering their favorite sites.

The Market will Take Care of This.

Notice how quiet the big web — networking vendors are of course totally against any sort of net neutrality- companies have been regarding this. They don't want net neutrality because they think it will lock out start ups (thus keeping them at the top) and it could. However I think the SBCs of the world are more interested in Google, Yahoo and MSN at this point.

Life is not fair.

It never will be. However, consumers will have choices on their service provider and that should keep the Backbone companies honest. We will see. Socializing bandwidth will never be the answer. It doesn't promote innovation, and innovation is why we have the internet.

Long Tail – Proof Positive May 16, 2006

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A recent study by Roger Magoulas and Ben Lorica of O’Reilly Research
provided strong data to support the assertion that online access drives
usage of content that is generally not available in print. We compared
sales reported through Nielsen Bookscan for the fourth quarter of 2005 with access logs from both O’Reilly’s Safari Books Online service and from Google Book Search. The result provides compelling support for Chris Anderson’s “long tail” theory.

Read the Whole thing…

Now how do we stop thinking about dumb Ajax-y websites and really take advantage of this????

Poor Poor Vonage IPO May 15, 2006

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SkypeOut Now Free in U.S. Canada

Somebody over at Vonage must’ve made Meg angry. Very Angry.

update: Om Expands on the story…a tad more useful than Zack’s snark

Google OneBox (Leverage, Leverage, Leverage) April 23, 2006

Posted by Zack W. Handley in Best Stuff, Google, Microsoft, Search, VeryUseful, Web 2.0.
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When I was an college marketing intern at Microsoft in the 90s. They overused one term, i hadn’t heard or used (before then) since Finance class. LEVERAGE.

LEVERAGE. LEVERAGE. LEVERAGE. Every decision from corporate. Every Speech, Billg made. Every sales approach was (and of course is to this day) based on institutional LEVERAGE.

Who is taking that very Microsoft-ian approach now?


Who else could utilize their BRAND (not technology, I think Yahoo and MSN have comparable algos) and Goodwill to create OneBox.

MSFT couldn’t because they overtly compete with and want to OWN many/all of these product lines. Yahoo didn’t, because it is too consumer focused. Nope.

Google LEVERAGED Brand and Skills into a strong Enterprise Offering. Dont think they wont mash/build/integrate/LEVERAGE further up into the value chain.

Google Calendar Rocks April 23, 2006

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Well I knew I was gonna like it and to make a long story short: I love it!

The auto scheduling does not work for me but I am sure they will figure that out soon enough. Just being able to easily (and freely) create, share, & subscribe to an infinite amount of calendars is of course how calendaring should be done. Of Course it should. It is not like MSFT could not have done this 10 years ago…THEY SIMPLY DID NOT.

You don't need me to tell you the game has changed but THE GAME HAS CHANGED. MSFT is truly on its heals as much as any monopolist with a 50Billion dollar bank can be on its heals. 😉

Airset has had this same product for several years but the integration with my PIM (Gmail) trumps all else and I am betting it will for many other users.

Riya….Definitely Run on an idle PC or at night March 24, 2006

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I guess I didn’t read the instructions (what’s new) but the Riya uploader distributes much of the photo processing to the user PC (which makes sense economically). For the first two days I was running it on an idle PC with Outlook, Google Desktop, Firefox, AntiVirus…basically all kinds of crap.

WELL, this AM, I powered down all processes except Riya and it is uploading twice as fast. This is a 2.5 yo machine (1.99 GHz Athlon) and we are now uploading 200 5-7MegaPix pics per hour up from 100 before I cleared the system tray.

Just received my Riya Beta Access.. March 21, 2006

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Riya requests 1000 photos for the face scanning / tagging magic to work…I will give it 5000…just to see what happens:-)

Will post tomorrow all about the experience…..

riya photo upload

Update: 10 hours and 26 minutes Riya uploaded my first 1000 pictures from the year 2000. Now Time to Play while 2001 load..It was our wedding in Hawaii so I am guessing there are quite a few more than 1000 pic….More to come…..

CL2: Arghhh, Another Google Product I am gonna HAVE to use!!! March 7, 2006

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Why are they doing exactly what needs to be done with Calendaring????

CL2 is closely, very closely, integrated with Gmail. It includes
now-standard web 2.0 features – Ajax, subscription feeds for
integration with iCal and other desktop calendars, event creation,
search, sharing, notifications (including SMS) and more.

It’s also clear from the event creation functionality that Google is
is going to attempt to aggregate events like eventful and zvents do
now. If they combine their event creation feature with a web crawl and
parsing of event data (exactly what zvents does), they will be able to
create a very large events database. From the CL2 Trusted Tester

More Importantly, why is MSFT & Yahoo not???
Sure there are many start ups out there like Airset, zvents,  30 Boxes many many more….but why use a calendaring apps without email integration? Makes No Sense.

This will be THE tool that gets everyone in my family on Gmail…buh bye Outlook and Hotmail, & Yahoo. The functionality combined with Gmail integration is too much to resist.

Update: Paul Kedrosky says March 15th Release

EdgeIO, BlogBuy …edge aggregators dime a dozen March 1, 2006

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I have long held that Edge Aggregators (edgeio ,inods,kritx) Have an interesting yet indefensible position in the ecomm-bloguverse. Many folks could not sit in the sidelines and wait for the right time so these companies have finally decided to dive in and launch….

UNfortunately for them there is always one BIG question: Who am I selling to, what is their REPUTATION.????

OH Wait, Who owns reputation? Ebay. As soon as this matters(which i don’t think will be soon), Ebay/PayPal will be in with a whole suite of services/products.

….These companies will have blown through their Series A & B educating folks on the tag: listing…(just writing that sentence makes me really realize how indefensible this market is! WOW!)

Because Ebay Owns reputation.

update: Nicholas Carr adds a funny line about a brothel and web2.0..very funny and cynical.

Meebo new Release es Muy Bueno February 23, 2006

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I have been using Meebo’s new release and am very happy with it. It allows you to now create a Meebo account which will sign into ALL of your sessions with one ID. One can also simultaneously monitor multiple screenames from the sames service which is helpful for customer support issues. I don’t have to give clients or prospects my primary screenames (which is private) they can simply use my company’s screename. You could even have sales@companya.com, service@companya.com etc on the same page say if someone went to lunch and you needed to cover for them. Maintain your service level very easily.

Great Feature!

The one thing the Meebo crew need to work on is connectivity OR connectivity monitoring. Many times, the connection will drop but I won’t know about it because UI doesn’t alert me even if I am looking at the screen. I typically won’t know about it until I try to send an IM when it then tells me connection has been lost:-(

Needs to Be Fixed!

I still love Meebo and hope they keep inovating.

One Hour the new One Day???? February 11, 2006

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There used to be an old rule of thumb(pre-internet) that said wait ONE DAY after writing before sending an aggressively worded or defensive tone letter/note/memorandum…Of course that advice is impossible to heed in this new instantaneous blog-centric-world.

However there is WISDOM in the concept. Is One Hour the new One Day?

In Certain Circumstances…I think So.

I have a few personal sites with AdSense and I am CERTAINLY not an employee of Google because of this. HELL, My firm is paid hundreds of thousands of dollars facilitating internet advertising much of which is focused on Google buys so in effect, Google is the major reason my company exists and yet I don’t consider them my employer…

Technologist like change. They like competition. They want to believe there is a better way than Outlook/Exchange or even Gmail for that matter. We are –in general- solution oriented.

So next time you (anyone) are going to fire off a (potentially misguided) rant that will be archived FOREVER, Hit and wait a Day or at least One Hour before you hit . I know I will.

Google’s Gmail gives MSFT Heartburn…TUMS won’t help February 11, 2006

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Gmail & Gtalk I have been reading some dismissive remarks on Blogs about this new Gmail for Enterprise Email Service…Mostly these center around the flat hierachical file system, no calendaring and privacy issues.
I think super technical folks miss the point when they say that GMail is Outlook lite and will never make it into the Enterprise. I have worked for and consulted for some of the largest (IBM) and most advanced (MSFT) tech companies in the world and 99.99% of the users do not need (nor use) anything more than a “flat hierarchial e-mail service”.
Calendaring is coming to GMail and I am sure it will be a lot different (and flexible think:adhoc Groups) than what is currently available (or even coming in Outlook 12 because of Server Licensing revenues) to Exchange based users…

Gtalk is getting implemented now.

How hard is it going to be to build a CRM, SFA, what-have-ya system on this “Platform”???

Not Very.

MSFT is not doomed by any means, but profit margins are abuot to Shrink in the SoHo Space

As Far as Business Privacy Goes…um, I don’t think there is such a thing.

I received GTalk provisioned inside of GMail Yesterday. February 11, 2006

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I like the concept and of course that is the natural progression. I think MS has been working on something like this for years to be available in the next Outlook. Ahhh, Gotta Hate it when you are competing against a company that doesn’t have to sell Exchange Servers and can release BETA products without diluting the brand, yet.

UPDATE:Even More Bad News For Exchange Server Small Business Group

Anywho, The GTalk (inside of Gmail) service was up sporadically and seems to be IE ONLY at this point!!!! Arghhh….Also I don’t know that many people that use Gtalk yet, most folks use MSN (living in the Pacific Northwest and all) & AIM (Primarily East Coasters and Californians) They must be watching me ….As soon as I finished that sentence, GTalk appeared in my FireFox Gmail window.

Weird. Cool!

….But I think I may uninstall that Desktop3….